Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello People!

So I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be away for a few weeks because I will be very busy finding a job and creating new artwork for you all to see. I really do appreciate you checking on my blog for new work and that I will be posting some more. For now you can take a look at my artwork posted on my other sites.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hello Bloggers!

Here is my final cereal box design I created in Corel Draw! I must say it was very difficult but never the less it was well worth it. It was a good challenge to take on considering I was not used to corel but ended up learning some cool new things I didn't know I would use. The objective of this was to design a cereal box targeted at children and the main focus was illustrating the cartoon since thats what kids get attracted is the cartoon character and the packaging of course.

I first drew him in black ink and scanned him in and began cleaning him up I had to re draw him and color him in and make him look real life looking so kids could be attracted to it. Anyways I had alot of fun with it and hard time with it but it was worth from looking how great it turned out.

                                                                   Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey Everyone!

So I will be graduating this year and I have my portfolio ready and my resume and cover letter but still one more missing important thing...Oh yeah a business card!!! So I have finally made one and think it relates to my style and personality.

Here it is!

This is my business card as I think it is very clean and professional looking keeping it simple and not to override crazy fonts and text but making sure it signifies who I am and what I specialize in. I have included my contact info on the bottom right hand corner, such as my name, email, and website. I used the colors pinks and purples since pink is my favorite color, keeping it girly but age appropriate. As well a black box to place the white text so it stands out and people are able to read it, also my name and occupation on the top.

Hello All!

Last week I was assigned to do a billboard project where I had to paint an ad that only a person would understand in four seconds. This was a favorite project of mine to do since I like designing billboard ads and painting. My idea was to do something girly and fashion inspired so I was doing research online and came up with an idea drawing a bunch of girls half body holding their shopping bags along with a slogan and the visa trademark logo illustrated on the front of the billboard. So I pulled out my paints, and brushes and went straight to work!

Here are my thumbnails!

I drew a few of half girls body because I was suppose to cature the main focus which was the shopping bags since it is about a billboard ad so the part of drawing the whole body was not necessary. 

Next I started drawing the comp in pencil showing the exact outline of the drawing.
It was just a rough draft on how I wanted it to look.

Next i grabbed all my paints and started painting the body since it was just black and went with the easy part first. 

Here are the steps though out my painting. Hope you enjoy it!

So as you can see I have painted the girls in black silhouette with bright colorful shopping bags and used the slogan"Visa-Your Flexible Friend" I thought it was pretty catchy and fits well with the overall design, and last but not least I carefully painted the visa logo as it was the most important element out of the painting. So thats it for now I will show you the end result as soon as I decided what color I should paint the background. 

Take Care! 

And so here is the final! I choose to use a light blue for the background because blue to me seems very common as a choice and is able to fit with almost any design. I had a hard time deciding after asking my classmates which color they would prefer and they all suggested to go with blue just as I hoped.
So that is my final step though the process and hope you all liked it as much as I enjoyed creating it. I think I will keep working on more of these billboards since its what I like to do, So watch out for some more because I'll be doing alot more of them for you all.

Take Care!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hello Bloggers!

So this has been my 10th illustration doing for Illustration Friday and really have been enjoying designing artwork based on their choice of word each week and made them part of my online portfolio such as carbonmade , flickr, facebook G plus, my blog and all of the networking tools that allow me to show and share my creativity and artwork. All these tools are a great way to show off your work and personality because it allows you to expand your goals and future and the best part is that it doesn't cost you anything so its free, and I think its so important to have these social networking tools with you not only because its free but because it can get you an job, could work at home, save time instead of meeting face to face with now skype and facetime being available and to connect with people all around the world. So I'll get to my illustration now haha just felt like I had to bring it up to let you all know by using there's tools it can really help you start your future and connect with people you might have the same hobby and interest like you. Ok now I'll stop, so this weeks word is "vocal" and obviously when hearing vocal you think of music, lyrics, bands, and singers.  Now I was trying to keep this blog about my style which was the purpose of this blog but decided I wanted to explore different styles and designs not just my own just so I was able to explore other avenues not just my own. 

Here is the first step I did!

I first created some pink bubbles and lowered down the opacity so it was'nt so harsh and dark my idea was to make it look very down to earth and soothing.

I then duplicated the bubbles to the right to make it look like its falling from the sky kinda like balloons almost and used a variation of pinks and purples.

I then created a light to dark pink gradient so it matches the overall design keeping the colors color coordinated and flowing consistent.

I started to draw the guitar with my wacom tablet making the guitar pink and girly and shading in the guitar handles and strings. 

So now its starting to all shape into a guitar and is looking pretty nice, I also used a little swirl around it to kick it up a notch. the coors used were black, pink, and purple once again keeping them all color related.

As for the last stage I also drew in some music notes and titled them so it was coming from the guitar as if the guitar was playing and they moving along with the song. So thats my final stage for my illustration friday "vocal" and hope you enjoyed my process and progression throughout my illustrations and really hope I inspired you all and that you got some ideas and inspiration though my designs. Once again thanks so much for your support and comments and as always take care!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hey Everybody!

First I would like to start saying "Happy Easter To Everyone" and hope your all enjoying your easter. So this weeks word I believe was"return" and had a good idea what I wanted to do, this time more romantic and sweet. So I drew some thumbnails showing a beach with a couple in love while showing their affection for each other. My concept for this was to illustrate something unique and not something you would thought of which is good, cause I did'nt want something that would instantly come to your mind, so the idea I had was to draw a couple in love on a beach with the water and sunset looking very subtle and romantic with the title"True Love Finally Returns". Now you probably now understand what I was going for and realized it wasn't what you thought of when you heard the word"Return". Now for fun part I will now show you the steps I did to get the final result.

The first step I did was drew some thumbnails here is what I came up with!

So here I drew two sheets of paper just so I can pick one I liked which was the last one of the couple on the beach falling in love. I chose that one and started drawing it in photoshop with my wacom tabet. 

Next stage I drew the couple on the beach  kissing as a silhouette and started shading them in along with the beach as the background with the sand. I choose very soft colors that were complementary as the theme is a sweet and romantic scene. Later I shaded the sand a golden brown with a rough like texture to really make it look like sand. As for the ocean I used different shades of gradient of blues to to give it that realistic feel to the water and made it sparking to set the mood of the layout. I left the couple dark for now just to give you all a glimpse of what it looks like so far. I also used my wacom tablet for the whole illustration using different brush settings. 

Alright almost there! So here is a few images to show you guys how its looking, as you all see I started shading them in giving it more of a relaxing feel to it making it look like a romantic setting scene. I later added a sun to make the setting dream like and lowered the opacity so it wasn't to harsh and opaque and to give it more of a calmness look to it. 

Alright so Im finally done! So as you can see I decided to add some more shading to the sun such as red and orange so it has a subtle mood to the scene . Later I finally added the text 
"True Love Finally Returns" I used a drop shadow and bevel and emboss also a color fill that was a soft light creamy beige. I really liked that choice of slogan and placed it on the middle left centre so it would align beside the main illustration to draw the viewers eyes to the couple.
So thats all I did for my illustration for "Return" and hope you "Return" for my next illustration 
Stay tuned!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hi Everyone!

So Im here doing my next illustration which is the word "swamp". Now when I heard this word I first thought of a muddy swamp lake with a creature lurking in the water typical I know...So instead I was researching and finding something relevant to the word"swamp" and found an image of a girl stressing because she has been swamped with homework and decided to use that as my image after changing it up. My idea for this image was to make it into a sort of cartoon illustration like so just because I wanted change my style of of using a different medium.

So lets begin!

So here is the image I found and will use as my theme of my illustration. Now the idea is to take this image and create a cartoon vector posterize look as you will see I will be showing you the steps and process as I go along. 

The first step I did was open up the image and made a duplicate of the background layer, then I made the foreground and background black and white and went to filter-sketch-stamp and changed the lightness and darkness to 1 and left smoothness to 4. 

Next step I did was I hid the bottom layer made the top layer visible and click on the eye dropper tool and sample the girls shirt and selected the sketch layer and hit the brush tool and colored in her shirt and went to the layer effects panel and selected multiply, this will make it look painted and natural on her shirt.

After doing that I just got the eyedropper tool and started picking up the original colors and applying them. I just used different colors because the original colors were plain and boring so I used my own colors for this purpose. Here is what this step looks like!

As you can see I added the colors just to give you an inside look on how its being shaded in and blends well the the stamp effect I created above.

Here is what is done so far, I just kept on coloring the image and made it look very clean and consistent. Its a a rough looking draft I will clean it more later just wanted to show you how it looks so far.

Here is the final image I spent my time adding the final touches and colored the whole image using complementary colors keeping conservative and clean. Further more I added some make up on her just to give it more flare and brighter colors.

So thats about it for my final illustration "Swamp" thanks for stopping by and checking out my work don't forget to come back soon for my next illustration. 

Take Care